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The Rural Diaries by Hilarie Burton Morgan

Beloved actress and One Tree Hill star, white-collar and deadly weapon Hilarie Burton tells the inspiring story of leaving Hollywood for a very different life in northern New York with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who celebrates community, family and values. hard work in a small town in America.

Although Hilarie Burton’s actress’s busy lifestyle in New York and Los Angeles gave her a comfortable life, it did not satisfy her mentally or emotionally. After the birth of his first son, he and his wife, The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, decided to make big changes: they bought a farm in Rhinebeck, New York, and began a new chapter in their lives.

Rural diaries tell their inspiring story about farm life: chopping wood, making dandelions, making chicken shoes. Burton looks back at the transition from cities to rural areas and finds ways to manage agriculture while raising his son and friends with new neighbors. He mixed interesting stories about learning to grow alpacas and buying and reviving the city’s beloved candy store Sweet Shoppe Samuel with his good friend Paul Rudd and his wife Julie, raw observations about the ups and downs of marriage and the fight against infertility. Burton also contains delicious recipes that can be made at home with fresh ingredients.

Burton’s charismatic, eye, mental, and physical attitude came from this moving story of transformation and self-discovery. Rural diaries respect the values ​​and lifestyle of America’s small towns and provide inspiration to anyone who wants to embark on their unusual journey.

Rural diaries contain 16 pages of color photographs.

The Rural Diaries by Hilarie Burton Morgan

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