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The First Actress by Gortner

The tumultuous life of the legendary French star Sarah Bernhardt – contemporary actress and the world’s first international fame – captivates in this impressive novel for readers of Love and Ruin and Mistress of the Ritz.

From the start as the daughter of a high-class prostitute to an extraordinary transformation into the most famous actress of her time, Sarah Bernhardt was brought to life by successful writers all over the world, praised for her historical romance with famous women.

His dramatic professional life began when Sarah’s mother took him out of school at the monastery to place him as a sexual friend of a wealthy old man. Despite the desire to continue her acting career, her mother interfered with her work and Sarah had no choice but to submit. A single sixteen-year-old pregnant woman would give her baby to the nuns, but she would not let him go.

Sarah, naturally gifted and gloomy, accepted several theater roles thanks to a bold and innovative style of play that inspired admiration and contempt. Viewers wanted to see this controversial young actress and, surprisingly, she was hired by the famous Comdie Franaise – only her life was ruined in the cruelty of the siege of Paris in 1870. Among the ruins of the city, Sarah took care of wounded soldiers, fell in love with her. fall in love with your leader.

Reaching the peak of his fame as toast to Paris, shocking the public with his unlimited acting style and portraying male characters, Sarah became world famous on tours in America and Europe, where crowds were crowded. Told in his own voice, this is the animated story of Sarah Bernhardt – an interesting and intimate story about a woman who truly has genuine talent and a constant passion for making her story a Divine Sarah.

The First Actress by Gortner

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