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The Art of Deception by Leonard Goldberg

“Interesting and entertaining, with many rounds and rounds and is one of the best series” Sherlock Holmes “from the books of Lori R. Kings Mary Russell.” Historical novel society
American best-selling writer Leonard Goldberg returned with an embarrassing case when Sherlock Holmes’s daughter revealed this enchanting secret, “The Art of Deception”, which will no doubt also make Sherlock Holmes fans enjoy it and Lori R. King and Char. In London, a man who seems crazy in general and enters art galleries and private homes to carve precious female paintings. Despite all of Scotland Yard’s efforts, the villain continued his destructive and continuing path. When Joanna and Watson were called to solve the mystery, they soon discovered that even though the canvas had been cut, their support was neat, free from cuts and scratches. It seems that the villain is not a simple destroyer who is looking for something hidden behind it fell on two special restorations that previously worked in the gallery where all the damaged artwork was purchased. When Joanna found one body in the chimney outside the gallery, the other remained the main suspect. But later he was also found dead. Luckily, Joanna had a plan to guess the criminal forever. But that can’t fail, otherwise more paintings will be lost and lives will be lost.

The Art of Deception by Leonard Goldberg

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