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Stamped by Jason Reynolds

The study of racism – and anti-racism – is timely, important and empowering – in America

This is NOT a history book.

Here is a book about the present and the present.

A book to help us better understand why we are where we are.

Race books.

The racing design is often used to gain and maintain power, to create a dynamic that divides and muffles. The astonishing recollection of Dr. Ibram X. The National Book Award winner, printed from the beginning, reveals the history of racist ideas in America and inspires hope for an anti-racist future. This takes you on a racing journey from then until now, showing why we feel the way we feel and why racism continues. This also proves that while racist ideas are always easy to create and spread, racist ideas can also be discredited.

Through a fascinating, fast-paced and passionate story written by award-winning Jason Reynolds, the book highlights many types of dangerous racist ideas – and how readers can identify and eliminate racist thinking in their daily lives.

Stamped by Jason Reynolds

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