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Spring by Audrey Grey

Welcome to Evermore Academy, where magic is dark, immortals are beautiful, and man sucks.

My name is the summer solstice, and it will be my year.

With the exception of Everwilde programs, nothing ever goes as planned. Students from the rival Fae Academy join Evermore, and the successor to Spring Spring decides his mission to make my life a living hell.

In an effort to do his will, the heir to the Spring Court takes someone I love. There is only one way to save them, but it will jeopardize my whole future.

What’s worse, someone steals Darkens’ Soul Stone. Everyone at the Academy is a suspect.

Troops are gathering.

Pages selected.

In order for you to have the opportunity to save humanity, I must finally accept the ticket of the soul with the Winter Princess.

Spring by Audrey Grey

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