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Mistaken by Pixie R Unger

Then it was solved. The chief motioned to the group of warrior orcs in the room and chose one as the father of the children.

I sat on the floor with my son, Max. He crouched down in my lap whispering. One of them will continue to take care of you. Can you tell me who the right guy is?

The orcs in the room snorted in disbelief and laughter.

Max pointed to someone with a shaved head and elaborate tattoos.

Which? I asked. Are you sure?

He nodded before hiding his face on my neck.

OKAY. I looked in the chief’s vague direction. What I think.

He said something. They looked surprised, but the one Max had brought back approached him and picked him up easily.

MOTHER! he cried, trying to reach me.

I lowered my head and cried. Then the warrior leaned down and grabbed my arm with his other hand. He got up and took me away.

Then? What are you doing?

The boy needs a family, the chief said as if it was clear. It’s weird to let your child choose his partner, but you are weird people.


There had been an invasion a few years earlier. Hordes of long angular gray aliens have arrived in city-sized spaceships. Before all the news got out, people called out Orc creatures. Human armies had fought and failed. War crimes have been committed on both sides. In the end, the company collapsed and the government fell when the food supply failed. People have turned on each other. No place was safe. The orcs rounded up the survivors and locked them in refugee camps. At dawn, some women had little gray babies.

Kari had seen the woman screaming and swearing that Max liked in the field that had turned into a prison. Then the woman got up and made him cry. He would die alone, unwanted. Even though he was only half human and Kari lived like a defeated species in one of the many refugee camps on Earth, it was not all his fault. It was just a baby. She couldn’t leave him there, so Kari adopted him.

Max wasn’t the only gray boy around. Kari and the others who raised gray children had formed their own family group. Finally, they noticed it. Suddenly all of the children were assigned an orc parent and were taken from the camp where they had lived. This jerk might be the official dad, but when it comes to Kari, if you think that means he’s family, you’d be wrong.

Somehow, Kari has to figure out how this works. Your child needs it to protect him. When a part of her extended family is brought to her new home, she has a few allies. Kari slowly begins to realize that orcs are not as monstrous as they seem. You will have to face your past and accept your new reality before you can face your future.

Mistaken by Pixie R Unger

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