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Dirt by Bill Buford

Bill Buford focuses his inimitable attention from Italian cuisine to French cuisine. Baffled by the language, but convinced that he can master the art of French cooking – or at least find out why he’s so revered – he begins what becomes a five-year odyssey by the in the shadow of the famous French chef. Michel Richard, in Washington, but when Buford (quickly) realizes that a stopover in France is necessary, he travels – this time with his wife and three-year-old twins – to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France. A student at L’Institut Bocuse, cooking at legendary Michelin-starred La Mre Brazier, enduring endless hours and the demanding bustle of the kitchen, Buford becomes an obsessed man – proving himself on the line and proving he is worthy of gastronomic secrets. that he is learning, which proves that French cuisine actually comes (my god!) from Italian.

Dirt by Bill Buford

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