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Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Cosmos has 13 highly illustrated chapters, corresponding to 13 episodes of the Cosmos TV series. In the book, Sagan explores the cosmic evolution of 15 billion years and the evolution of science and civilization. The cosmos traces the origins of scientific knowledge and methods, combines science and philosophy and speculates about the future of science. The book also discusses the underlying science situation by providing biographical anecdotes on many leading researchers throughout history and placing their contributions in the broader context of the expansion of modern science.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including Saga’s reflections on anthropological, cosmological, biological, historical and astronomical issues from ancient times to the present. This story repeats its position in extraterrestrial life because of the extent to which the universe allows for thousands of foreign civilizations, but there is no credible evidence to show that such a life ever visited the earth.

Cosmos by Carl Sagan

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