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A Star Is Bored by Byron Lane

A fun and heartwarming novel about life to the fullest and finding a family when you least expect it, contributes to the author’s time as an assistant to Carrie Fishers.

Charlie Besson gets a crazy job interview. His car was abandoned, as was his life, outside the Hollywood Kathi Kannon house. Kathi Kannon, the star of the stage and screen, and a list of the worst costumes in People magazine. She needs an assistant. He needs a warrior.

Kathi is an icon, a popular writer and award-winning actress, best known for her role as Tavera’s admirer in the iconic scientific thriller. Shes also known for another role: Hollywood crazy royalties. I have to admit that. So famous. That’s great.

Charlie got a job and embarked on an adventure full of late-night shopping, a last-minute trip to see the Aurora borealix and embark on the holiest tribes in Hollywood: personal helpers. But Kath becomes more than just a boss, and as their friendship grows, Charlie has to make a choice. Does he always help on the edge of life to help the great power he holds, or can he move into his own leadership role?

Fun and joyful and full of curiosity, Byron Lane’s A Star is Bored is a novel that, like the star in the middle of it, is enchanting and inspiring, heartbreaking and hopeful.

A Star Is Bored by Byron Lane

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